Jacked Structures

Jacked Structures Group is an independent international consultancy specializing in creating and implementing engineering solutions to provide access or space below the  surface where a key consideration is to avoid disruption and maintain activities.;

To reduce congestion and accidents there is a need to separate traffic flows where roads intersect with other roads and rail tracks. Grade separation is also  required to eliminate conflicting  pedestrian flows and vehicle and rail  traffic. All too frequently collisions occur at rail crossings and traffic intersections causing deaths and accidents which could be avoided. Separation can be most economically achieved by the installation of jacked structures for underpasses and subways.

In addition our techniques offer the capability to create  large underground spaces such as  a metro station, underground parking or storage cavern.

Culverts, wastewater, water  and cable tunnels can all be installed underground without disruption of surface activities in circular or rectangular sections.  

Box Jacking Diagram


Typical locations are under:

  • Rail tracks
  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Buildings
  • Environmentally sensitive locations

Typical installations include:

  • Road underpasses
  • Pedestrian subways
  • Metro stations
  • Culverts
  • Utility installations
  • Underground car parks and basements
  • Storage caverns 
  • Advance foundations


Every situation and solution is unique. Jacked Structures provide an engineering approach to the problem not just a system. Integrating design and construction are the key to success. Even where the structure has to be installed with minimal cover it is possible to engineer solutions.

Structures can be circular, rectangular, arches, or combinations  and can range from  rectangular and arch installations with single spans of 20m and greater. Still larger structures can be created using multiple spans. Installation lengths of even the largest structures can exceed 100m.Tubes  of up to 5m in diameter can be installed in lengths of more than 1000m for utilities and underground passages.