Bridge Embankment Diagram

Modular Systems

This concept is based on creating a support or foundation structure using interlinked pre-cast components which are jacked into position horizontally. Used most often for forming bridge abutments. The final deck to the bridge is placed in a very limited occupation from the surface. The deck beams are placed on the structure that has been formed below the occupation and disruption is minimal. Final excavation of an underpass after placing the beams between the supports of course can be undertaken without any special measures as the structure is in place. A typical example would be an under bridge with abutments and central pier. The disturbance to traffic on the existing road or track is minimal.

The system has the advantage that relatively small modular units are being jacked so temporary working space and jacking capacity required is lower than that required for larger boxes. The face area exposed at any time is very limited reducing greatly the risk of soil loss and settlement

The Jacked Deck concept has been developed where the need is to construct the complete structure without disruption to the surface. This patented method described in detail in a separate briefing note. One variation allows the top of the deck to be located immediately below the sleepers with the track load being transferred as the deck advances.