A selection of reference papers relating to the design and installation of large jacked structures which have been published since 1967

  1. Proc. Instn. Civ. Engrs.  April 1967  "Horizontal  Earth  Boring" J.C. Thomson. Some of the earliest references to Subway installation by jacking
  2. Proc. Instn. Civ. Engrs.  November 1977  "Pipe Jacking Applied to Large Structures" T.E.Clarkson and J.Ropkins
  3. World Tunnelling April 1989 "Jacking of a Four-lane Road Tunnel Bochum Germany" K. Finsterwalder 1989
  4. Ground Engineering Journal January 1994 "Narrow Margin- Box Jacking below a railway in Delhi"1994
  5. RETC Conference Seattle June 1991 "Pipe arch Horizontal drift method for MARTA'S Transit extension under I-285" A.L. Atta-Alla, D.T. Iseley 1991
  6. No-Dig Brisbane 1998 "Jacking Techniques For Creating Large Underground Structures" J.C. Thomson
  7. No-Dig Conference Budapest 1999 "The Advantages of No Dig Techniques for the Realisation of Underground Structures for Public Transport" E.  Hemerijck
  8. ASCE " Standard Practice for Direct Design of Precast Concrete Box Sections for Jacking in Trenchless Construction" 2000
  9. "Jacking Concrete Road Tunnel Boxes Beneath Live Railroad Tracks" J.M Rohena FHA
  10. Iseki "Microtunnelling Used for Record Breaking Pipe Roofing Project" P.Coller D. Abbott
  11. "Construction of Large Cross Section Tunnels Using Microtunnelling Techniques J D Broomfield BSc CEng MIMech E ,Tunnelling Boom – Sydney, 27-28th July 1998
  12. No-Dig Conference Perth  "Development of the new Pipe-Roof Jacking Method Named "Return-Recovery Type" 2000
  13. Tunnels and Tunnelling International "Box Jacking The Road to Histradut" BTS Meeting 2002
  14. Royal Academy of Engineers Jacked tunnels - Open Heart Surgery in Boston A. Powderham 2004
  15. Rapid  Excavation and Tunnelling Conference 2005 "Short Tunnels with Shallow Cover" D. Smith
  16. Proc Inst..Civ. Engs "Creating underground space at shallow depth beneath our cities using jacked box tunnelling" D Allenby and J Ropkins IAEG 2006
  17. TFL "Jacking of the Box on the New A23" April 2006
  18. Construction Europe "Olympic Underpass Pushed Through"  S. Skinner January 2010
  19. Proc. Inst. Civ. Engs."Boston Massive Jacked Tunnels Set a New Benchmark" Powderham, Howe, Caserta, Allenby, Ropkins May 2004
  20. Underground Construction Conference 2011
    1. Metro Stations
    2. Undergroud Construction Paper
  21. East Kent acess Phase 2
  22. Innovation in Creating Underground Structures